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Welcome to Peerce's - Elevated Indian Cuisine

Welcome to Peerce's - Elevated Indian Cuisine

Welcome to Peerce's - Elevated Indian CuisineWelcome to Peerce's - Elevated Indian Cuisine

Frequently Asked Questions about Events


Kids Meals

Do you offer kids meals, and what ages are considered kids?
We have two options for kids: If they eat the same food that the adults are eating, their meal is ½ price. If they opt for a kids meal of chicken tenders and French fries, the price is $12/each.
We consider kids to be between the ages of 4 and 12. 

We do not charge for anyone under the age of 4. 


Do you offer any discounts / Is the pricing negotiable?
Our Food & Beverage minimums may be negotiable, depending on the circumstances. Rental rates and food/beverage pricing are not negotiable. We have already priced ourselves to be exactly where we feel is appropriate, considering the quality of food & service, and the costs we incur to produce your event. We take the guesswork and hassle out of it for you by giving our best offer the first time we put together your quote. 

One way we can offer to save you money is the CASH payment discount. The 22% service charge is based on payments being made by check. Credit Card payments incur an additional 4% processing fee, bringing your service charge to 26%. However, if you elect to pay by cash (not personal check) we offer a 6% discount, bringing your service charge down to 16%. (Please note, room rentals are not subject to any taxes or service charges, so we recommend paying your deposit / room rent online using a credit card.)

Cake / Desserts

Does the $2/person cake cutting fee apply even if we bring cupcakes or cut our own cake?
Yes, the fee still applies. The fee does not cover the labor of cutting the cake. Rather, it covers the use of our plates, forks, etc., and the labor to wash these items 

Are you able to provide desserts from outside your restaurant?
Yes, we certainly can! We work with local bakeries to provide you with the desserts of your choice, if you’d like something that does not appear on our menu, such as celebratory cakes and cupcakes. Please inquire with us if you’d like a quote for desserts that are not already part of our packages. If we outsource the desserts for you, no plate fee applies. 

Can we store a cake in your refrigerator prior to our event?
We can not guarantee that we will have adequate space in our refrigerator before your event starts, nor can we guarantee safety of the cake, so we request that your cake is delivered within an hour of your event and put on display upon arrival. 

Set-up and Breakdown

When can we come to set up our event?
For lunchtime events, you may arrive as early as 10am. You may also have the option to set up the evening before (anytime after 5pm) if there is no other event taking place in the restaurant the evening before. For dinner time events, please check with us to see what times are available for set-up, as there may be an event taking place in the same space, prior to yours.  

Is the clean-up time included in our event contract time?
No, this is additional time that you are not responsible for. For instance, if your event is scheduled to end at 3pm, you do not have to be cleaned up and out of the space by then. Your event only needs to conclude, with your guests vacating the space completely by that time. 


Do you offer tastings?
We do not offer customized tastings. However, if you are unfamiliar with the quality and style of our food, we encourage you to partake in our weekend buffet, where you can try a multitude of dishes for a low price. If you book an event as a result, we will comp your brunch meal (food for up to 4 people) towards your event invoice.